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Oxis International, Inc. is the premier nutraceutical provider for a potent antioxidant, Ergothioneine. Extensive data has been obtained by researchers worldwide on the presence of l-ergothioneine in human tissues. In addition to this potent antioxidant, Oxis also has an extensive patent portfolio and a portfolio of therapeutic compounds.

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ERGOTHIONEINE, The Super-Antioxidant. To our knowledge, OXIS remains the only significant commercial source of pure l-ergothioneine worldwide using our patented synthetic manufacturing process. L-ergothioneine is a natural antioxidant amino acid normally found in high concentrations in tissues of the body exposed to high levels of oxidative stress (free-radical damage). Humans and other animals cannot synthesize l-ergothioneine (as is also true for the so-called essential amino acids) therefore we have to obtain it from our diet. An extensive compound monograph has been generated that includes an overview of available data. Learn More…..