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Frequently Asked Questions for BIOXYTECH®
Nitrotyrosine ELISA
Catalog Number: 21055
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How long does the test take to perform?
Reagent Preparation: 10 minutes Assay Procedure: about 4 hours

What is the sensitivity of the NT-EIA?
The detection limit of the assay is 2 nM

What samples may be tested for Nitrotyrosine?
The assay has been validated for plasma, serum and cell culture. Though it is possible to use this assay for the measurement of Nitrotyrosine in tissue homogenates, this has not been validated by OXIS.

How are samples prepared prior to testing?
Plasma should be drawn in a heparin or EDTA tube. Plasma and serum must be diluted at least 10X. Cell culture should be washed in ice-cold phosphate-buffered saline (PBS), and lysed after resuspension of the pellet. For other samples, please contact our Technical Service Manager for suggestions. With all samples, centrifugation should be performed, 3000 g at 4

Is a standard needed to perform the assay?
Yes. A lyophilized nitrotyrosine standard is included with the kit. This is reconstituted and a serial dilution is performed to provide 7 standards that range from 2.1 nM to 1500 nM.

What concentrations of Nitrotyrosine are found in most samples?
Nitrotyrosine in rheumatoid patient's serum range up to 1.2

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